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We have a wide variety of products offered at Muller's Lane Farm. Choose from large fresh eggs and various meats*. Vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit and honey available in season. Milk soaps, lotions, salves and hand forged items are available year 'round.

Baby chicks, turkey poults and guinea keets in limited supply and available when Mother Nature allows.

Fresh pastured, free-range heritage turkey available for your holiday table. Please order early, supplies are limited and these go fast! We will begin taking orders for the 2016 holidays in May and will continue until we have sold out. We can not ship out of state. On the farm pick up only! The turkeys will range from 10 to 22 pounds.*

*We raise the animals for you and can take them to the local processor if you wish.

Various items from the smithy including Muller Picks, fire irons, dinner chimes plus other items.

From the Forge
The Muller Pick $17.00
Civil War Items
Decorative Fire Pokers $30.00
Cooking Utensils $
Door Handles $
Gate Hooks & Hitching Rings
Knives $
HerbHanger $50.00
Dutch Oven Cooking Items
Decorative Home Items
Hanging Oil Lamp $75.00

Handspun Yarns

Soaps & Sundries
Soaps $7.00 - $60.00

Brown Eggs From Pastured Free-Range Chickens
Dozen Eggs $3.00

Contact us for availability: or 799-245-8148
Whole Pasture Hog available early winter 2022. We will try to get Berkshire hogs again, but it depends on the availability Hogs:
$500 + processing costs ($50 deposit required)
* We raise hogs once a year for our family and can raise one for you also!
$50 will secure a weanling pig for you. We raise it without hormones or antibiotics to butcher weight (about 6-8 months). When the hog is butcher weight, the balance is due. We will also take monthly payments. We can recommend a couple processors for you and will even haul it to our processor in Como for you.

Processing fees for cutting, smoking & packaging to your specification are extra and are paid directly to the processor. You must let the processor know how you want your hog cut (i.e. chops, roasts, ham, ham steaks, bacon, bulk sausage, bratwurts, etc), how large you want your meat cut, how many pounds to be packaged together (i.e. 6 chops per package; 1 lb bacon per package, et al). We can help you with this.

Pastured Free-Range Chicken

Taking reservations or 779-245-8148


We raise Cornish Cross chickens slowly in a chicken tractor in our hay field. A chicken tractor is a small coop that is moved daily to fresh grass so they can scratch and eat bugs like normal chickens. We do supplement them with grain.

Average 4-6 lb bird, dressed weight.

The products produced on our homestead, either from the animals or from ourselves, are labors of love. A bit of ourselves goes into every aspect of our products. We offer our merchandise proudly.

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At Muller's Lane Farm we strive to give you the highest quality products and services.

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