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Paul L. Muller: Even as a boy, Paul has been passionate about history. Starting out as a black powder shooter, he quickly became interested in mountain man rendezvous' and then expanded into Revolutionary War re-enacting. He also became interested in the French Voyageurs and the French and Indian War and after moving to Colorado, developed an interest in cowboying, horse farming and covered wagon history.

Paul began presenting Colonial History Programs for local schools and groups. The response was so positive that a natural expansion into a covered wagon program followed with rave reviews.

Paul has been in movies and PBS documentaries and is a published author in national magazines, as well as a contributor and interpreter at many history parks. He has collected and restored many types of horse drawn farm equipment as well as artifacts that compliment these time periods. Paul's studies and his experience as an interpreter have given him a working knowledge of period wood and leatherworking, basic blacksmithing and other crafts and trades of the time.

An experienced teamster and livestock handler, Paul has a unique insight and understanding of the daily lives of our rural ancestors.

While working with his horses, Paul became frustrated with the flimsy hoof picks commonly available. They were usually cheap, easily broken and easily lost. Utilizing his knowlege of the smithy, Paul developed the Muller Pick . Paul found his pick to be a purposeful tool and made some for a couple of his horse-owner friends. His friends found Paul's pick to be the perfect solution and recommend them to everyone. You'll be sure to want to order two, one to keep and one to give as a gift.
Classes are available in all of these skills at your convenience. Drop Paul an email if you are interested in taking a class.


Cyndi has been involved in backyard agriculture most of her life. Her interest in history began when she opened her first Laura Ingalls Wilder book, "Little House in the Big Woods".

Cyndi is an avid gardener of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits. She cans, freezes and dries the rewards of her labor for her family. Many of the herbs she grows are used in her soaps and salves.

Cyndi's quest to reproduce 19th century homemaking skills grew when the family acquired a cow. She produced hard and soft cheeses and butters to go with her fresh baked sourdough breads. (Since the children have grown, we no longer keep a milk cow.) Another dream come true for Cyndi is having honey bee hives to complement the gardens, orchard and kitchen.

The vegetable gardens, orchard and vineyard allows her to 'put up' most of the family's food for the year. She uses both the water bath and pressure canners, as well as a dehydrator to preserve the bounties of the farm.

Cyndi's skills and interests are not limited to the kitchen. She is a fiber artist and produces many hand spun yarns on her collection of spinning wheels. She spins various fibers to be used in some of her crocheted, knitted, woven and felted creations. (these yarns are also for sale). Cyndi has recently started a bucket list item of working with stained glass.

She loves to share her knowledge of composting, gardening, preserving and the fiber arts. Classes are available in all of these skills at your convenience. Drop her an email if you are interested in taking a class.

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